Prague – The city tour and goodbye dinner

Saturday 9am. The right time for the curious tourist to get up and down to the Old Town Square. The reason for this insane action was simple: The “Sandeman’s New Prague Free Walking Tour”. Long name to write but very entertaining.

Our guide was Collin from Scotland who lived in Prague since more than ten years. Considering the Neweurope tours I already attended in (Edinburgh, Berlin), the expectations where very high. After 3 and a half hours of interesting historic facts, funny stories, some legends and a lot of jokes the tour came to an end. And I wasn’t disappointed. The tour was amazing the tour guide a lucky pull.

Every time it’s awesome who history suddenly comes alive when the right person is telling it in a attention retaining way. Just to make you even more curious some short quotes from the tour:

  • As the Germans invaded in WWII the Czech just took off every sign with city/village names or the direction to Prague. So the Germans have been very lost and didn’t found the capital city in weeks. So if they asked a Czech “Where are we?” they just answered “In Dubček”.
  • In a local revolution they threw a few guys through a window which was located of an upper floor. They also brought some piles which they posed in front of the building. The people fell down and have been impaled. That was the invention of the Czech Kebab. 😉
  • Nazi soldiers should throw down a sculpture from the Rudolfinum (Gallery and opera) and didn’t know who the person actually looked. So the decided to throw down the one with the biggest nose. Apparently it was not only the wrong one, but also Hitlers favorite.


After the tour ended we went over the river and explored this side of the town. After finding Jo’s bar (which has definitely no last call) we went to the German embassy to go crazy and the Playground right beside it.


On our way back to the accommodation we passed by the John Lennon memorial and the small bridge with locks on the fence. The memorial is really great. Just graffitis and comments from fans and the words “All You Need Is Love” right in the middle.


The story about the locks is a quite sweet one. If you in love with somebody you just write your names on it and lock it to the fence.


Before we went to dinner we visited the Paladium. This is a huge shopping Mall right in the middle of the city. We arrived around 6:3opm at the restaurant and enjoyed our time there till 8:30pm.


What happened back in the accommodation and the journey back will be told in the next part. 😀

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