Prague – Afterparty & wake-up sport

Instead of going to a pub we decided to get something to drink in a supermarket and stay at home. So we had a little sit-in in our room.


After the group picture was taken one of the wooden pieces of the bed base broke. But our engineering team took control of this problem. After several unsuccessful and hurting attempts the wooden piece finally broke into two parts.


The SpecOps team smuggled the evidence out of the building.


Jo and Max tried to get a nap, during this time Marcus and I entertained ourselves (and obviously them too because nobody slept that night). Max bell rang at 2:45, Jo’s at 2:50 and mine at 2:55 so they finally gave up the sleeping plans. ๐Ÿ˜€


We decided to do some morning sports to get fit for the journey back home. This was the most awesome baseball game which Prague has ever seen!


The shirt is not quite right. I do remember and I loved it! Thanks to our Czech friends to delight us with this amazing weekend. We got a valuable insight of the city, ateย some ALOT lovely food and had one hell of a night-out on friday. And that all for the price of one evening at Morfar’s.

We had been what was UP Prague. ๐Ÿ˜€

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