Going WILD

This morning we got picked up around 9am to start our wilderness tour. The starting point is located roughly 30km outside Kiruna and  literally at the end of the road.


After a short introduction about how to drive snowmobiles and dog sledges it was on. First we’ve been in one of the snowmobile groups before we changed to the dog sledge. Everybody got his turn in driving the snowmobile or acting as a dog sledge driver.


We arrived at the camp around 1pm which means it already started to get dark. After a further introduction into the camp we started to chop wood for our hut. We shared the hut with 6 other people which have been from South Korea, Australia, Austria and France.


Lunch and dinner have been covered by a local Laplander. Both was tasty and contained reindeer meat. It’s a little bit dry but delicious.


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