Gett’n started!

Hello I’m Matt, welcome to my new travelblog!
You might ask: How come? Curious? Want answers? Here they are! 🙂

This project started, even though I didn’t realized it back then, almost two Years ago. Back  in 2008, I was traveling around Europe with a bunch of friends from my hometown. We visited 11 countries and capital cities around Europe in about 25 days. Even though we had a tight schedule and a lot of stress getting from A to B it was an amazing experience. These days I was blogging for the first time and quited after the trip had finished. Basically I just wanted to keep our families and friends back home posted.

The second time I have been blogging was during my semester abroad. Two to three articles per week, mostly pictures from parties or trips. Erasmus 101 stuff. 😉

During my time in Sweden I became friends with a Mexican guy which invited a friend of mine and me for a road trip through his country. So this was the moment I started thinking about a new travel blog for my next vacation.

But why do a specific blog for one trip again? I did this two times before and started every time over from scratch again. Why not build up a travel blog at which I can post articles about future trips too?

As you can see, I thought that would be a good idea. 😉

So what can you expect from A sh*t load of information. 😉 During the next few weeks I’ll mainly write about preparations (visa, green card, travel equipment, credit cards, etc.) until the trip starts. From this time I guess the blog will change a little towards a traveling diary with a lot of pictures, funny stories and reports about interesting events.

So stay tuned, and check back frequently. 😀



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