The ugly, normal and beautiful face of Monterrey

Like smart taccos?

Since our friend Laura got here one week ago there have been several shootings in Monterrey which is currently in a “security crisis” as you can read on Wikipedia: “The year 2010 has been the most violent in history.” Or like our friend Hector told us: “If there’s a shooting, don’t run! Lay down and stay there!”.


Ball in a cup!

Heyho silver

Today we went to the city center for the first time. Well it’s like you would expect it. Not as neat and tidy as we western Europeans are used to it. Also no comparison to the USA. But there are also the people who just try to get along and who are working real hard for very little money. Like all the souvenir shops. But there is a funny fact about them to: Mexicans behave like tourists in their own country. Means, they buying a lot of souvenirs. But that’s mostly not a bad thing, unless in a lot of other countries the stuff doesn’t come from china. No, it’s mostly handmade in Mexico. Good quality and neat in design.

Our hosts πŸ™‚

feast ahead!

Last but absolutely not least: the beautiful face of Monterrey. The welcoming at Hectors place was very warm and the hospitality that we experience is just great. Today Hectors parents went with his sister, her daughter and of course us to the famous and fine restaurant: El Rey Del Cabrito. Over there we ate a great meal that was more like a feast. Starting with the brain of a baby goat, over to all possible parts of a goat and finishing with local Mexican candies. Combined with a very chatty atmosphere: a perfect day.

3 thoughts on “The ugly, normal and beautiful face of Monterrey

  1. the brain of a baby goat? really? well it looks like there are some weinas in the mexcian cuisine i don’t envy you for^^ bon apetit πŸ™‚

  2. hmmm tasty….poor baby goat. pay attention to you, better i wonΒ΄t translate the text for grandma. she will be shoked about the shootings πŸ˜‰

  3. yeah, that’s what i thought, good thing your grandparents don’t speak or understand english. but honestly i didn’t expect it to be that violent over there πŸ™

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