Tequilatown and a big rock

Historic City Center

Our Hostel

We started walking around in Queretaro until we noticed that on Mondays every single sight and museum is closed. After a short discussion we decided to visit nearby villages and get some Mexican-small-town-experiences. So far so good, back to the hostel and into the car.



First on the tab was Tequisquiapan. A small village nearby Queretaro. It almost felt like a south European village. With all the narrow streets, the colorful houses and the many souvenir shops. Besides the little chapel in the town center there was not really a lot to see. Except for the already described city views. After we met Mario and his girlfriend, both friends of Hector, we decided to drive over to Bernal.

Peña de Bernal


After a short detour, due to the lack of knowledge of our guide (Mario’s girlfriend), we arrived in Bernal. This small village got all advantages of the first one plus the second biggest monolith in the world. It’s about 65million years old and about 350m tall. After a brief visit at the skirt of the monolith we explored the village a bit more. Mario said he had an awesome advice for a good lunch, so we sat down in a small backyard and ordered our food. The plate with three different kinds of somewhat-like-tacos and a diet coke came up to $38 (2,4€) which is embarrassingly cheap but also amazingly delicious.

Dusk over Queretaro


In the evening, and back in Queretaro, we went over to Marios place. As time passed by the group got bigger cause more friends joined the round. At the end of the night we hit another snack bar for a very late dinner. This time I tried  a “cheese-taco” filled with meat. It wasn’t healthy for sure, but good as usual.

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