Hit the road Jack!

Veracruz beach

Our destination for today: Campeche. A ride about 700-800km long. On Mexican streets.
Makes a total travel time of 10h+. After our arrival we were keen to see our two bed ensuite room.
Apparently theres just one bed which is not as big as mine at home. No Aircondition. It’s gonna
be cozy. 😀

The hostel looks awesome from the outside and the common areas are pretty cool to. The very positive first impress came to an end as we saw the very small, hot and stinky room. At least
it’s a bit more clean than in Veracruz. Tomorrow Jo and I will change rooms and trade the
batroom ensuite against a second bed.

Internet costs about $10/h which is not that bad, but the lack of wireless is. 🙁

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