Isla Mujeres

pure laziness

Just a short update for today. Everything is fine over here and Cancun is a nice place to stay. Mainly we’re lazy at the beach or at the pool. Yesterday we went to a water park called XelHá. It’s a natural lagoon where you can go snorkeling or just swimming. Entrance fee is about $79 (U.S.) and you get all you can drink and eat inclusive. You only have to pay extra if you wanna swim with the dolphins or for the scuba diving.

Isla Mujeres

The day before we went to Isla Mujeres. Back then we booked one of these rip-off tours with snorkeling and a meal. The meal wasn’t that bad, but snorkeling with a live vest is pointless. 😉

Plan for the rest of the week, hit one or two Cancun parties.

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