Papa Bill’s and a armored Hummer

Living in Mexico City is insecure, especially if you’re kinda rich. One of Dieters friend is in this nice but somehow uncomfortable situation. As he  picked us up to go to Papa Bill’s BBQ we have been quite surprised by the Hummer. But we have been really amazed as we heard that the Hummer is armored. It was  like riding a tank or a very big truck. But comfortable inside.

Anyway, we made it to Papa  Bill’s in a jiffy. This restaurant is kinda special in his offers. First there’s like a special deal from time to time. You get to know that if you’re following the TV sets. So a few minutes after we arrived we got two mochito’s for one. Nice beginning.

So for the food, or should I say for the drinks. It’s kinda the same over there, the cheapest way to combine both is to order a bottle of liquor and you get a plate of food for free. We ordered this combination for four people and successfully defeated our hunger. So there was this bottle of Tequila we took care of afterward.

Everything started very innocent, we played a dice drinking game and everybody took a shot once in a while. Due to the beery, the mochito’s and the first shots the fun level raised rapidly. Then Dieter and his friends called for the Jenga game.

So the seven of us started to tear the tower apart. The one who destroyed had to drink like a triple shot of Tequila.

This night the legend of the shredder has been born. Who and what it is will stay a secret. At least for now. 😀

Mexico City


Crowded, loud, insecure and dirty. Not a nice place to live and no nice place to stay. Well, that’s not completely true. We really enjoyed the hospitality from Dieter and his family. They took very good care of usc and therefore our visit in Mexico City wasn’t that bad. 🙂

The sightseeing though was pretty shitty, it’s hard to get around in this city and the tourist bus can be considered as total crap. So I got almost no shots from the city itself but a few from the National Anthropology museum. So without further commentary, here the shots:

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Heavy rain

Six Flags Mexico City

is a nice PS3 game but also that what we experienced during our visit to the Six Flags amusement park in Mexico City.

But,… before it started to rain we managed to ride every single roller coaster but the last one. That one we did during the heavy rain. And it was, of course ;), awesome!

That was pretty much what we did this day, because of the rain and the exhausting past days we relaxed the rest of the day in Dieter’s house. He’s also a former exchange student from Halmstad and we’re staying at his place during our time in Mexico City.