Something about timing


Today we received a call from Hector’s mum about an incident which had happened in his neighborhood. Drug dealers had been fighting drug dealers once more, but this time close to his house. The fight lasted for a long time and you can count on many victims.

To hold the police back from interfering they “closed” the neighborhood with big trailers. So the streets were blocked and the poplice had problems to get to the fighting rivals.

Lucky us we are far away.

The ugly, normal and beautiful face of Monterrey

Like smart taccos?

Since our friend Laura got here one week ago there have been several shootings in Monterrey which is currently in a “security crisis” as you can read on Wikipedia: “The year 2010 has been the most violent in history.” Or like our friend Hector told us: “If there’s a shooting, don’t run! Lay down and stay there!”.


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First steps in Monterrey

Montains around "Grutas de Garcia"

Montains around "Grutas de Garcia"

Today Hector planned a little surprise trip for us. We got on the car without any clue where we were heading to. Around one hour later, we found ourselves between a lot of massive mountains. One of these mountains is the shelter for the famous “Grutas de Garcia”. This cave is probably 50 to 60 million years old.

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TSA approved luggage!


We arrived in Mexico in almost a good shape, besides the normal travel tiredness.

As we got our luggage back in Monterrey, we recognized that they opened and checked our bags back in New York JFK airport.

Guess they didn’t find anything, but also didn’t take care of our stinky socks. So that’s what you call a loose:loose situation. ūüėÄ

Shortly after we said hello to our friends which have been awaiting us, we found ourselves at a tasty taco diner. As we finished the meal, we headed to Hectors home where we met is mum, sister and niece.

After a quite short but warm hello we went out to a brewery to celebrate our reunion. Now it’s time to take a nap so we’re good to go for an awesome first day in Mexico.