Papa Bill’s and a armored Hummer

Living in Mexico City is insecure, especially if you’re kinda rich. One of Dieters friend is in this nice but somehow uncomfortable situation. As he  picked us up to go to Papa Bill’s BBQ we have been quite surprised by the Hummer. But we have been really amazed as we heard that the Hummer is armored. It was  like riding a tank or a very big truck. But comfortable inside.

Anyway, we made it to Papa  Bill’s in a jiffy. This restaurant is kinda special in his offers. First there’s like a special deal from time to time. You get to know that if you’re following the TV sets. So a few minutes after we arrived we got two mochito’s for one. Nice beginning.

So for the food, or should I say for the drinks. It’s kinda the same over there, the cheapest way to combine both is to order a bottle of liquor and you get a plate of food for free. We ordered this combination for four people and successfully defeated our hunger. So there was this bottle of Tequila we took care of afterward.

Everything started very innocent, we played a dice drinking game and everybody took a shot once in a while. Due to the beery, the mochito’s and the first shots the fun level raised rapidly. Then Dieter and his friends called for the Jenga game.

So the seven of us started to tear the tower apart. The one who destroyed had to drink like a triple shot of Tequila.

This night the legend of the shredder has been born. Who and what it is will stay a secret. At least for now. 😀

Sunny, with a slight chance of shootings and grenades

American Border, Laredo TX

Today we went to Laredo TX for another shopping trip. After almost 3h on the road we finally arrived the American border where we needed another hour to cross the bridge. At the American side we had to discover that they give a damn shit on our visa which we got as we entered the USA just a few days before. We had to apply for a new visa. With the exact same form that we filled out back in Germany as we did the ESTA and also in the plain. Also we had to give away our fingerprints again. Just ridiculous.

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TSA approved luggage!


We arrived in Mexico in almost a good shape, besides the normal travel tiredness.

As we got our luggage back in Monterrey, we recognized that they opened and checked our bags back in New York JFK airport.

Guess they didn’t find anything, but also didn’t take care of our stinky socks. So that’s what you call a loose:loose situation. 😀

Shortly after we said hello to our friends which have been awaiting us, we found ourselves at a tasty taco diner. As we finished the meal, we headed to Hectors home where we met is mum, sister and niece.

After a quite short but warm hello we went out to a brewery to celebrate our reunion. Now it’s time to take a nap so we’re good to go for an awesome first day in Mexico.

The shopping spree is over

Consume addiction!

I have to admit I spend more than I thought I would. Hopefully I don’t exceed the package weight limits. 😀 Besides some minor stuff and clothes I finally got some new sunglasses as a replacement for my lost ones.

After the shopping climax we spend some time wandering around and enjoying ourselves and the NY street life at and near Times Square.

At the night we hit the AMC 25, one of the several movie theaters, to watch “The A-Team”.

Now our luggage is now all set up and so are we. In about 4h we will get up and out of NYC.

It has been a blast!

From 125 ST to the Flat Iron

Heart of Harlem, 125th

Today we followed an advice to take a look at Harlem’s 125th ST which is also know as “Heart of Harlem”. We went there by, surprise surprise, subway. We got off the metro around four to five floors above ground level which was pretty cool. It reminded us of many movies. We left the station behind us and walked down the 125th…

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