Back ‘Home’

We arrived 30 minutes late in Stockholm but managed to catch our train to Göteborg. This train was also late and due to that we missed our connection in Göteborg. We have been able to rebook our tickets to another train but we arrived in Halmstad about 2 hours late.

After over 24hours on the ‘rail’ it was nice to get back in our little camp in Halmstad.

Leaving traces…

-24° at bright daylight. So we assumed that is had been around -30° during the last night (clear sky).

After breakfast we walked around and enjoyed the last peaceful moments in the wild.


Our way back to the starting point was the same but now in the dark. After we arrived at the starting point we had been transfered to Kiruna Centralstation to catch our train back to Halmstad via Stockholm and Göteborg.

This time the night train was punctual.


Heading to Kiruna

Today Jo and I killed some time in the city after we finished our sledge competition on Kastellholmen. Due to the late departing time we went back to the hostel to warm up.


The train should leave at 18:12 but it was around 50 minutes late. We shared the compartment with an old norwegian guy (with a Dimmur Borier bag), an Afro American citizen of Kiruna and two ‘native’ Swedes.

After a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit we went to bed and arrived 2hours late in Kiruna.


Größere Kartenansicht

New Years Eve…and the day after!

Today we visited the Skogskyrkogåden, which is a world heritage, and the Absolut Icebar Stockholm. Both of them have been impressive in their ways. The graveyard is perfectly arranged and beautiful the icebar is a interesting experience. Besides of that we picked up Susanne and Max at the Arlanda express station near the Centralstation.


Visiting the graveyard is like walking through a park and enjoying the nature. It’s highly to recommend. The ice bar, on the other hand, is more like wasting some money in a funny way. The entrance fee is about 125sek, if you choose the non alcoholic option, and 180sek if you’re so generous to take the real deal.


In the evening we had another nice pasta dinner before we started drinking in Susanne & Max’s room. We watched the fireworks right in front of our hostel.


We started the new year with an buffet dinner at Pizza Hut before we went to Skeppsholmen to visit the castle. In the dusk we took the long cut from skeppsholen via Stureplan back to our hostel in Gamla Stan.


After resting a few hours we went to two very neat Irish Pubs (The Liffey and another one with a Swedish name) to enjoy our last evening in Stockholm. Tomorrow we will visit some more sights before we leave the town at 6pm.


Kiruna awaits us!

Größere Kartenansicht