Road to Cancun

Chichen Itzá

Chichen Itzá

Just 300km, but a long way to go on Mexican roads. It took us about 9hours to finally arrive at the apartment in Cancun. But that’s not only because of the roads, we also stopped at Chichen Itzá. A pretty awesome Mayan ruin. By now there is only about 1% left/discovered from the approximately 20.000 square meters wide area. Once again we took the tour and weren’t disappointed.

Chichen Itzá

Chichen Itzá

The guide introduced us in some great things the Maya’s did at this place. The most remarkable is the serpent which seems to crawl down the pyramid four times a year. When the Sun or the Moon is in the right angle, the light seems to form a serpent which is slowly crawling down the edge of the pyramid. The whole process takes about 45 minutes. Sadly its only taking place at the 21th April and 22th September.

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A double refreshing shower

horse pulled railway cart

first Cenote

Today we spent our one full day in Merida visiting the nearby Cenote. After a half a hour drive we arrived at the parking lot. From there we had to take little railway carts pulled by poor horses, and we picked the most stubborn one. After another 15minutes rumbling down the rails we arrived at the first cave. It was about 15 meter under the surface and accessible only via an old Mexican built wooden stair. Well, we survived the way down (and apparently the way up also). Down there we enjoyed the refreshing but not so cold water and the nice dripstone cave-ish  atmosphere.

roots and dripstones

roots and dripstones

The second one was very special. Right beside the hole in the surface was a big tree whose roots made it all the way down to the water. There also have been roots growing out of the top of a dripstone.  Never saw that before. I didn’t went down for the third cave cause it was to annoying with all the equipment I was caring around. Felt like a donkey on a staircase before, had enough. 😀


But back to topic. Yesterday I took one of the most refreshing showers in my life. It’s good to have a cooling box in the bathroom. 😉



From dusk till pyramid



Yesterday we had a perfect mix between sightseeing, eating and a little bit of beach time. But let’s start with the sightseeing. We have been in Ezná, which is close to Campeche, to visit our first Mayan pyramid. Since the vegetation around here is jungle it was a complete different experience from earlier pyramids. Jungle and green all around and then these accurate situated buildings. It’s hard to imaging how they did all this without any technology. And I also really don’t know how they managed to not get eaten by mosquitoes. It was like war. Fighting to stay alive and not to loose any body parts.



Next stop was at the beach. Not a lot to tell about that. Sand, water and no waves. On our way back we were in a small restaurant which is only visited by locals. It was pretty crowed so we guessed that it has to be good. Well, after the meal we weren’t disappointed. It was delicious and amazingly cheap. Starter (shrimp cocktail), main dish (whole fish) and my drink less than 6€.


City lights

Right before we went to the guided night tour through the city, which wasn’t that good, I enjoyed the dusk from our terrace.

Today we will start, without any hurry, around noon to get to Merida. On our way we’ll try to get to another Mayan pyramid. Then after two more nights in Merida we’re finally on our way to awesome Cancun beach where we rented a house with pool right at the sea.

Can’t wait for the wicked weasels 😀

The colorful streets of Campeche

Streets of Campeche

Fort entrance

After a short night we walked through the old streets of Campeche and enjoyed the nice colorful houses. We took the car to get a little outside the town to one of two forts which have been protecting the city in bygone times.




The fort was also a museum with a lot of interesting pieces which have been left by the Maya’s. The whole known history got explained very good. Well, at least the parts which have been available in English were very good.

View from our terrace

For lunch we went to eat fish once again. Wasn’t that great, especially the service. As we noticed that they charged the tip already, we complained and left without tipping the waiter. Tonight we gonna stay in, sitting on the terrace high above the housetops of Campeche and drink some cold beverages. 😀

Hit the road Jack!

Veracruz beach

Our destination for today: Campeche. A ride about 700-800km long. On Mexican streets.
Makes a total travel time of 10h+. After our arrival we were keen to see our two bed ensuite room.
Apparently theres just one bed which is not as big as mine at home. No Aircondition. It’s gonna
be cozy. 😀

The hostel looks awesome from the outside and the common areas are pretty cool to. The very positive first impress came to an end as we saw the very small, hot and stinky room. At least
it’s a bit more clean than in Veracruz. Tomorrow Jo and I will change rooms and trade the
batroom ensuite against a second bed.

Internet costs about $10/h which is not that bad, but the lack of wireless is. 🙁