Isla Mujeres

pure laziness

Just a short update for today. Everything is fine over here and Cancun is a nice place to stay. Mainly we’re lazy at the beach or at the pool. Yesterday we went to a water park called XelHá. It’s a natural lagoon where you can go snorkeling or just swimming. Entrance fee is about $79 (U.S.) and you get all you can drink and eat inclusive. You only have to pay extra if you wanna swim with the dolphins or for the scuba diving.

Isla Mujeres

The day before we went to Isla Mujeres. Back then we booked one of these rip-off tours with snorkeling and a meal. The meal wasn’t that bad, but snorkeling with a live vest is pointless. 😉

Plan for the rest of the week, hit one or two Cancun parties.

From dusk till pyramid



Yesterday we had a perfect mix between sightseeing, eating and a little bit of beach time. But let’s start with the sightseeing. We have been in Ezná, which is close to Campeche, to visit our first Mayan pyramid. Since the vegetation around here is jungle it was a complete different experience from earlier pyramids. Jungle and green all around and then these accurate situated buildings. It’s hard to imaging how they did all this without any technology. And I also really don’t know how they managed to not get eaten by mosquitoes. It was like war. Fighting to stay alive and not to loose any body parts.



Next stop was at the beach. Not a lot to tell about that. Sand, water and no waves. On our way back we were in a small restaurant which is only visited by locals. It was pretty crowed so we guessed that it has to be good. Well, after the meal we weren’t disappointed. It was delicious and amazingly cheap. Starter (shrimp cocktail), main dish (whole fish) and my drink less than 6€.


City lights

Right before we went to the guided night tour through the city, which wasn’t that good, I enjoyed the dusk from our terrace.

Today we will start, without any hurry, around noon to get to Merida. On our way we’ll try to get to another Mayan pyramid. Then after two more nights in Merida we’re finally on our way to awesome Cancun beach where we rented a house with pool right at the sea.

Can’t wait for the wicked weasels 😀

Beach day

Crab attack!

Today we did the best what you can do in Veracruz. Spending the whole day at a mostly unknown beach. Since we did no sightseeing and nothing else happened this entry is over with the next full stop. 😀

p.s. Carl the crab likes and says hello! 😀