Checklist – my new passport


Thought it would be time to introduce a new series to my blog: “Checklist”. Coincidentally I was able to pickup my new passport today which led me to the start topic right away.

I’m proudly presenting my new biometric passport: the ePass! Even if its full with (more or less) state of the art electronic, it seems embarrassingly cheap in your hand. As I recall from my childhold there was a time when a passport was thick, with a heavy and sturdy cover. Obviously these times are over.

Credit card madness


Some days it’s hard to find a topic to write about, but not today. ūüôā

During my Nutella based breakfast I was going through the daily mail. Between the typical ads and bills I found a letter from my German Automobil Association called ADAC. Slightly confused I opened the letter just to find two new credit cards.

After I managed the first daze I began to read the letter:

Dear Matt […] we’re sending these two credit cards to you because you’re a long time member.” Nice, but I didn’t order or want them. The letter went on, “ […] if you like to keep and use these you have to activate them during the next four weeks.” I guess I should be glad that they don’t have to be canceled within the next four weeks. Anyway, here I am with two new credit cards…

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