The colorful streets of Campeche

Streets of Campeche

Fort entrance

After a short night we walked through the old streets of Campeche and enjoyed the nice colorful houses. We took the car to get a little outside the town to one of two forts which have been protecting the city in bygone times.




The fort was also a museum with a lot of interesting pieces which have been left by the Maya’s. The whole known history got explained very good. Well, at least the parts which have been available in English were very good.

View from our terrace

For lunch we went to eat fish once again. Wasn’t that great, especially the service. As we noticed that they charged the tip already, we complained and left without tipping the waiter. Tonight we gonna stay in, sitting on the terrace high above the housetops of Campeche and drink some cold beverages. ūüėÄ