New Years Eve…and the day after!

Today we visited the Skogskyrkogåden, which is a world heritage, and the Absolut Icebar Stockholm. Both of them have been impressive in their ways. The graveyard is perfectly arranged and beautiful the icebar is a interesting experience. Besides of that we picked up Susanne and Max at the Arlanda express station near the Centralstation.


Visiting the graveyard is like walking through a park and enjoying the nature. It’s highly to recommend. The ice bar, on the other hand, is more like wasting some money in a funny way. The entrance fee is about 125sek, if you choose the non alcoholic option, and 180sek if you’re so generous to take the real deal.


In the evening we had another nice pasta dinner before we started drinking in Susanne & Max’s room. We watched the fireworks right in front of our hostel.


We started the new year with an buffet dinner at Pizza Hut before we went to Skeppsholmen to visit the castle. In the dusk we took the long cut from skeppsholen via Stureplan back to our hostel in Gamla Stan.


After resting a few hours we went to two very neat Irish Pubs (The Liffey and another one with a Swedish name) to enjoy our last evening in Stockholm. Tomorrow we will visit some more sights before we leave the town at 6pm.


Kiruna awaits us!

Größere Kartenansicht

Nobel, Crowns, Swords and Gloves

We started in the Nobelmuseum which is quite small but very interesting. One of the most creative parts are the pictures of the laureates which are floating at the ceiling through the whole museum. It takes about 7h for every laureate to take his or her turn.

At half past 12 we watched the second part of the guard change which we missed earlier this week. When every guard had taken his place we hit the Royal Apartments to satisfy our voyeuristic feelings. More or less amazed we changed the location to the chamber where the Royal Treasury is hidden and protected. Besides the crowns and an impressive treasure chest the highlight has been the swords. These masterpieces of craftsmanship are absolutely worth the trip down there. The ‘Tre Kronor’ Museum has been closed so we hopefully manage to get their in the new Year.

We finished the sightseeing an meet up at Gallerian near Sergels Torg. Johannes and I bought some cloves and warm socks for Kiruna before we hit the hostel again.

In the evening we wanted to go to the Absolut Icebar, but as we arrived there we have been told that they are fully booked. So we had dinner at Vapiano’s in Gamla Stan before we went back to the hostel.