It’s a long way to your bed if…

you book via STATravel.

We got send away from the hostel (Jazz On The Park) we booked in the first place (cause our reservation got lost) with the promise we get a 10 bed dorm with bathroom en suite in another hostel (Jazz In Town) which is part of the chain. So there would be a small upgrade there.

Before we left the first hostel (Jazz On The Park) I assured that we could stay in this room the whole time (five nights). After we arrived, another 40 min subway ride later, at our new place to be (Jazz In Town), the lady at the reception told us we only could stay one night. She just has been called a few minutes ago and we got two options: Either stay one night and change then or go to a third place (Jazz On Times Square) with the promise of an upgrade to a two bed room.

We took the second option just to arrive another half an hour later at the Jazz On Times Square to find the reception without any responsible personal. The security guy who was on watch told us to come back later in about one to one and a half hour.

After a brief visit at the Times Square and a Dunk’n Donuts we went back to the hostel. Over there was another clueless receptionist. Its just not understandable that nobody took good care of us and our booking.

In my opinion STATravel and the Jazz Hostels fucked up BIG time.

Not that we lost a few hours of precious time, no we have been send several times through the city and at every stop we had to explain the whole situation again.

Now we have a  stinky two bed room with a loud air condition right outside the window. And of course there is no air condition in our room.

First downpoint

Our Hostel which we booked via in Mannheim is overbooked. Also our reservation didnt make it from the agency-system into the hostel booking system.

So we’re currently without a room. Great start. 🙁