Enjoying the simple things

Paolo Alto

Paolo Alto

Due to the very late arrival yesterday it took us a bit longer to get going this morning. But as we finally got into the car we were pretty excited about going to the house in which Hector’s dad was born. After a two hours drive we arrived in the “desert”. Although it is actually a desert, its remarkable green. Guess therefor we have to thank hurricane Alex.


Lamb ahead!

After a short hello, meeting Hectors grandparents and a small shootout and redneck play we went  to a nearby river to cool down a little. We played in the floods and climbed around a small waterfall. As we came back the lamb which was on the grill was already half done, so we killed the remaining time talking with Hector’s grandparents. Just sitting in front of the house with our Tomato-Oyster-Beer enjoying our company, ourselves and the beautiful day.

Paolo Alto

Mexican Serenade

Besides that we discovered that they’re also kind and warm people we also got to know that Hector’s granddad used to play the accordion. So we insisted for a play. He managed to fight against it, until he was filled up with the delicious lamb and cow meat. So we got to his house and he played and sang like two songs.

We didn’t do any sightseeing, we didn’t went shopping, we didn’t went to the beach, but we had an awesome time. Just enjoying the simple things.