The shopping spree is over

Consume addiction!

I have to admit I spend more than I thought I would. Hopefully I don’t exceed the package weight limits. 😀 Besides some minor stuff and clothes I finally got some new sunglasses as a replacement for my lost ones.

After the shopping climax we spend some time wandering around and enjoying ourselves and the NY street life at and near Times Square.

At the night we hit the AMC 25, one of the several movie theaters, to watch “The A-Team”.

Now our luggage is now all set up and so are we. In about 4h we will get up and out of NYC.

It has been a blast!

[update] We have been “Top Of The Rock” today!

Top Of The Rock, NY

Meaning: We entered the visitor platform of the Rockefeller Center. Also we have been at Macy’s, in the Empire State Building lobby and in a South American Pub for the football game Uruguay:Germany.


But lets start with the Rockefeller Center. After a short subway ride and the typical confusion after getting back into the light we made it to the Rockefeller Center. After paying the $21 ticket fee we have been very lucky to get almost immediately to the elevator and up to the 67th floor. I never rode such a fast elevator before. 😀

From the top of the Rock the view above New York is outstanding. You get a perfect glimpse about how big the Big Apple really is. But thats easy to see on the following pictures.

Back on ground level we went to Grand Central Station. The architecture is quite nice and due to the high ceiling the room feels wide and open. Almost like freedom. Sounds cheesy but that’s what I felt over there.

After a disappointing visit at the U.N. headquarter we went to “the good burger” for New York’s best burger in 2010. It was big, meaty and delicious! Sometimes you can trust the advertisements. 😀

Now it was time for the FIFA Worldcup 2010 semifinal Uruguay against Germany. I had looked up a German pub back in Germany already and we made it over there. But sadly it was full and there was a line which was almost half a block long. So we ended up in a South American bar named Esperanto. Due to the origin of the bar, we were the only ones who cheered for Germany. One Aussie and two German guys. Nice combo. 😀

On our way back we managed a brief visit to the Empire State Building lobby, Macy’s (freakishly big) and the legendary Madison Square Garden.

After getting fresh we went out for some beers with our Australian friend John. I think we had been to around 4 pubs and got well drunk. Even if a round (three beers) comes up to almost $25 (with tip).

Pictures after the break.

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