Checklist – my new passport


Thought it would be time to introduce a new series to my blog: “Checklist”. Coincidentally I was able to pickup my new passport today which led me to the start topic right away.

I’m proudly presenting my new biometric passport: the ePass! Even if its full with (more or less) state of the art electronic, it seems embarrassingly cheap in your hand. As I recall from my childhold there was a time when a passport was thick, with a heavy and sturdy cover. Obviously these times are over.

Biometric passport troubles


Reisefreudig - © RainerSturm /

Germany. The country of bright engineers, beer and sausages, introduced a new passport (ePass) years ago. One goal which had to be achieved was to carry biometric data, like fingerprints, within the passport. This would soon be needed to enter countries like the U.S.A., UK and of course countries of the Europe Union.

Besides the peoples fear of being traceable and easily controllable, the new passport would be solid German engineering. At least that is what we thought.

But there is one mean flaw which could jeopardize your travel plans. Curious?

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