Something about timing


Today we received a call from Hector’s mum about an incident which had happened in his neighborhood. Drug dealers had been fighting drug dealers once more, but this time close to his house. The fight lasted for a long time and you can count on many victims.

To hold the police back from interfering they “closed” the neighborhood with big trailers. So the streets were blocked and the poplice had problems to get to the fighting rivals.

Lucky us we are far away.

Sunny, with a slight chance of shootings and grenades

American Border, Laredo TX

Today we went to Laredo TX for another shopping trip. After almost 3h on the road we finally arrived the American border where we needed another hour to cross the bridge. At the American side we had to discover that they give a damn shit on our visa which we got as we entered the USA just a few days before. We had to apply for a new visa. With the exact same form that we filled out back in Germany as we did the ESTA and also in the plain. Also we had to give away our fingerprints again. Just ridiculous.

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The ugly, normal and beautiful face of Monterrey

Like smart taccos?

Since our friend Laura got here one week ago there have been several shootings in Monterrey which is currently in a “security crisis” as you can read on Wikipedia: “The year 2010 has been the most violent in history.” Or like our friend Hector told us: “If there’s a shooting, don’t run! Lay down and stay there!”.


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