Prague – The welcome

Tomáš welcomed us at the airport and took us to the right bus. After almost one hour we arrived at our accommodation. Jo, Max, Thomas, Susanna and me shared one flat with a two bed and a three bed room.


We took a short “power nap” and headed afterwards to the city centre. Enjoying the possibility of drinking in public again.


We left the metro at the National Mueum and started to walk to the Old Town Square. There’s a lot to see just between this two points and so the journey took a while. Just to pick one example: The memorial for Jan Palach. This student set himself on fire to protest against the socialistic regime and died a few days later in unimaginable pain.


The next few pictures are actually from the Old Town Square with the famous astrological clock which was build in the 14th century. On every full hour there is some kind of a little “play” in which every of the twelve apostel shows something at the windows located above the clock.

The clock itself is an engineering masterpiece and was way ahead the time when it was build. The clock shows not only the time but also the position of the moon and the sun or which time of the season it is.


After we crossed the famous Charles Bridge twice we headed for our accommodation again to get ourself fresh for dinner and the planned night out.

For dinner we went to a nice Czech restaurant which was like a brewery. After our meal we rushed to the astrological clock to take part in the Barcrawl. It was an amazing night.