Stockholm #2

Yesterday we explored Skansen and the Vasamuseum.

The first one is very pretty in the summer time but kind of boring during the winter. After several (very cold) hours we went to visit the Vasa. This ship sank more than 300 Years ago and was salvaged in the late 50’s during the last century. Due to the low salt amount in the water of the Baltic Sea the condition was very good. Long story short, they preserved the state of the ship and built a museum around it. It is totally impressive to stand in front of this almost 70m long, 52m high ship which was built during 1626-1628. more informations

On the tab for today:

  • Nobelmuseum,
  • Tre Kronor museum,
  • City Hall
  • and a few hours of manic shopping.


Größere Kartenansicht

Vasamusem: upper-left, Skansen: complete right part and further