Prague – The journey

We took the train, which was departing Halmstad at 10pm, to Malmö. Shortly after we arrived we found ourselves in a nice irish pub called “Paddy’s”. A few beers, or a bottle of wine, later we had to leave because the pub closed.


One of the Barkeeper told us about another pub where we could stay until 3am. So we packed our stuff and ended up in some kind of rock party. The music was good and the bar okay but the best thing  was to be inside.

After the this pub was closed we took some kind of “early” breakfast at McDonald. When everybody ended his meal, we left for the taxi area to get to the airport. Shortly before we arrived the “official taxi’s” some strange guys wanted to convince us to get into their cars.


We arrived at Malmö airport around 20 past 4am and started the “waiting game” then. After more than one hour of laying on the floor one of the security guys told us that this is not allowed in Sweden.