The shopping spree is over

Consume addiction!

I have to admit I spend more than I thought I would. Hopefully I don’t exceed the package weight limits. ūüėÄ Besides some minor stuff and clothes I finally got some new sunglasses as a replacement for my lost ones.

After the shopping climax we spend some time wandering around and enjoying ourselves and the NY street life at and near Times Square.

At the night we hit the AMC 25, one of the several movie theaters, to watch “The A-Team”.

Now our luggage is now all set up and so are we. In about 4h we will get up and out of NYC.

It has been a blast!

“Journey’s end lies over the Brooklyn Bridge”

Brooklyn Bridge

Lucky me this Frank Sinatra quote is not quite true, at least in our case. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge¬† was just the beginning of our today’s journey.

First we headed to Clark St. which is located in Brooklyn. Our plan was to walk straight to the bridge and cross over to Manhattan. But we got caught by the beautiful charm of Brooklyn and spend about two hours exploring the area near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Finally walking across the East River was a stunning experience. The view is just fantastic and the Bridge itself worth every moment we spent there.

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